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  ATTENTION ALL: (notes below updated 7-01-09) is a small group of  independent  video & music  producers working together as an "out of  pocket" operation to archive and promote Musicians performing their own music, in the very unique venues, under the starrier hills atmosphere of  Vermont.  We produce a live music TV show for our world wide web site & television  broadcast, to share the beauty of Vermont and it's music.
   All the Musicians and /or events have gratefully allowed us to video tape and  broadcast them for the purpose of  promoting the state and it rich musical culture, with the trust that we are sincere in our endeavor to contribute to the over all music scene with in Vermont's cultural heritage of events.  And we do our best !!!   This web site and the local broadcast are a proud  part of  that passionate commitment from the producers of VTLive over the last 15 years.

  We operate as a developing small business, we assure you if  you support us in any manner, we are dedicated to the VT music industry and it's unique as Maple Syrup musical culture. 

    Our project has it's limitation of  resources, even though we strive to advance under any circumstances we ask you to join the people that have shown there generous support at one time or another and in so many different ways. Please support us by leaving your contact  info under the appropriate memberships sign up (Viewer, Musician or Sponsor) or  purchasing a  promotional  package for your products or services ( info sign up & viewers membership is always free).

     To show your support for Vermont Musicians through our project  please return soon and we will have. Free viewer memberships, Free musician starter membership &  sponsors packages available directly through this web site. You can also use the contact info at the top of the page


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   Thank You